Board of directors

Cheryl Masters, President

My son joined the Navy after watching a movie with his girlfriend.  He had already been out of the house for a few years, so I missed all the stress of talking to a recruiter and the BIG goodbye. I ran a home daycare for 12 years, so I have many "others," five of them are also  serving now. My son is in his third year, he is a Crypto tech in the Navy.

I get to stay home (without the daycare) and spend my time figuring out how to support our troops and our vets as they come home.

Come and join us. No one else knows the sacrifice and sadness at times of having our babies serving, than another mother.

Carrie Erickson, Treasurer

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Yolanda Bellgardt, Financial Secretary

My name is Yolanda Bellgardt. I am married with three beautiful children, with the oldest serving in the U.S. Navy. I believe my son’s choice to serve in the Navy will forever be one of the best life decisions he’ll ever make. I am excited for him and enjoy hearing about his experiences and the places he has visited. Along with being one very proud mama, I do have my days where I miss my son so badly that I can’t look at his picture on the wall without tears flooding my eyes; but having the support of the Blue Star Mothers helps me tremendously. Well ... that and wine. I am glad I joined this group of wonderful women. Together we support each other, our kids and our veterans.  I am blessed to work at the same place my girls attend school: Holy Family Catholic School.  Outside of work and serving as a member of the Western Slope Blue Star Mothers CO8, I enjoy spending time with my family.

Kelli Hawks, Secretary

When my oldest son came home and informed my husband and I that he was enlisting into the U.S. Navy, we were in shock. I was fearful and a little worried but I am so proud now. He has grown so much as a person and it is so neat to see the change in him. He is currently in the CB division as a utilities man and is stationed out of Gulfport Mississippi. He hasn’t gotten to see a lot of the world yet, which was one of his primary goals when enlisting but he has been to many places in the United States and has met so many friends. He is the oldest of four, and a great example to our other children. I love being a part of the Blue Star Moms as it gives me an opportunity to connect with other women who understand what it is like to have a child serving in the military. You go through many emotions when your child makes this decision and having this mode of support allows us to support our children even more. I am a Registered Nurse and am currently working in a wonderful local Hospice organization. I enjoy paddle boarding, yoga, hiking, shopping, traveling, and spending time with my family.

Melisa Bruens, Blue & Gold Liaison, Chaplain

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