Patriotic Tidbits

Armed Forces Day

Third Saturday in May

The day to appreciate Americans currently serving in uniform.

Veterans Day

November 11th

The day to honor Americans who once served in uniform.

Memorial Day

Last Monday in May

The day to remember Americans who never got to take the uniform off.

Flag Day

June 14th

The day to celebrate the history and meaning of the American Flag, and to remember those who fight to protect the nation for which this flag stands.

Independence Day

July 4th

The day that marks the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the first Continental Congress back in 1776.

American Flag Etiquette


How do you display the flag in a respectful manner?

There are proper ways to display our nation's flag. Click here  for  interesting facts.

Flag at Half-Staff


What does it mean to fly the flag at half-staff?

The flag is flown partial way from the top of the flagpole to honor the memory of a principal figure in the U.S. Government who has passed.

U.S. Marine Corps.

Birthday ~ November 10

Colors ~ Scarlet and Gold

Motto ~  Semper Fidelis is a Latin phrase that means "always faithful" or "always loyal."  It is usually shortened to Semper Fi. 

U.S. Coast Guard

Birthday ~ August 4

Colors ~ White, Blue and Red

Motto ~ Semper Paratus  is a latin phrase that means "always ready."

U.S. Navy

Birthday ~ October 13

Colors ~ Blue and Gold

Motto ~  Non sibi sed patriae is a latin phrase that means "not for self but for country." 

U.S. Army

Birthday ~ June 14

Colors ~ Black and Gold

Motto ~ This we'll defend

U.S. Air Force

Birthday ~ September 18

Colors ~ Blue and Gold

Motto ~  Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win 

Military Emblems

Please click here for a little history and detailed explanations of these emblems.